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    Publisert av Lars, 8. April 2019 | Sist oppdatert: 8. April 2019 21:04

    Tromsø 0 – 2 Viking

    I can’t even remember last time I saw Viking win against Tromsø. Was Martin Fillo playing back then? It’s a long time ago, to put it mildly.

    In a game where we really had to fight to the bitter end, we really lived up to our club name.

    In defense, Vevatne and Hove controlled the central defense, while the grim reaper from Grimstad produced the loveliest yellow card of the season. I even saw Ibrahimaj throw himself into a block in pure hockey-style, awesome! Not to mention Sale, who came in at the end and just would not stop sprinting, winning the ball high up the field and possibly being cheated of a penalty.

    And then I haven’t even mentioned Kristian Thorstvedt. Young player of the year in OBOS last season, starts his goalscoring in Eliteserien with no less than two goals. The first one made me happy. The second one lifted 10 tons of my shoulders, what a rush!

    It was no pretty match, but we played good defending football, while also taking the counter attack opportunities that presented itself. At the end we ended up playing very deep, but thats natural given the circumstances.

    Tromsø did not have many huge chances, but they had more possesion, and they were very keen to stay inside our half and put pressure on us. At the end they came time and time again, but our defense solved every situation splendidly.

    The ref didn’t give us anything for free either. When Høiland was taken down going towards an open goal (!) from 18 meters the ref didn’t even give a free kick. Tromsø’s defender Jensen got out lucky, considering he was already on a yellow. It got even more ridiculous when Tripic was booked right after for merely colliding into a Tromsøplayer. And on top of that, adding 6 minutes extra time in the second half is simply scandalous.

    However, nor the ref nor Tromsøs pressure got to us, and we did an amazing job. When Viking win their first match in Tromsø since 2008, they do it properly.

    The team deemed a “relegation side” by most “experts” are now in first place, with 6 of 6 points, 4 scored, and 0 goals against (only team in Eliteserien not to have let in a goal yet). I’d say that’s a pretty good start to the season!

    Especially considering that two of the most important players from last year, Andresson and Furdal, are out with injuries. Andresson possibly for the rest of the season, while Furdal hopefully will make a recovery in not too long.

    Next math we are up against Brann, the famous Norwegian westcoast derby. We have not been able to do that for a year, I’m psyched! If we continue our good run, this could very well be a very good season.

    Drømmen leve (the dream continues)!

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